Group Solo of tracks with FX - FX returns no soloing?

Hi All , I wonder if I have a setting thats changed or is wrong , when I solo a group track, I am not hearing the effects return for tracks within the group that have a FX sound routed.

If I export with Group Effects I do get the FX returns printed .

I am sure it used to include all effect returns when soloing a group ? I made a simple Project in case it just me being silly

test router (31.5 KB)

It looks like soloing a Folder which has the Group Track and Tracks in , does include the FX returns even with the FX returns being outside the folder ?

but only in this test session , my main projects I am currently working on this isn’t the case very odd

The folder in Cubase is just a visual item. It is for visually grouping tracks and has no effect on the audio or midi signal whatsoever.

If you solo a folder, the whole audio signal path will be solo’ed. Whether the tracks/channels are in the folder or not does not matter.
Folders in other DAWs work differently.

OK this is weird , If the Group track is 1st inside the Folder track, the FX return don’t get soloed ,
if group track is last they FX return do get soloed! is this correct ?

I sense that this is weird behaviour from Cubase.

I understand, I don’t have affect on the audio, because the tracks are inside the folder, the tracks are being so loud individually , which in turn is triggering the effects returns

What is odd if the group’s first inside the folder this does not work if it’s lost it does

It’s feel a little odd the are the exported with Fx , but soloing them you don’t get the Fx returns

This could be a bug. Maybe somebody else can have a look if we are missing some setting in Cubase.

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If the FX return is outside the group, it is correct.

No. Usually not. It depends on the routing. FX returns inside the group get soloed.

Soloing is not exporting.

If you need to hear FX returns in context, you need to put them into context. Soloing the sources does what you expect.

I checked the folder behavior.
@grayedout is correct, it behaves differently if the group is on the 1st position in a folder.

I guess that is because the order of the solos is changed… group track first means it solos the group track first and is using the behavior of the group track.
If the group track is not the first in the folder, the solo is applied to an audio track first and there are the sends enabled on solo.

Solo may not be exporting , I agree . but if you are going to make an amazing Export system better than anything I have ever seen . you should be able to check what doing to be Exported ! so solo should have a options to work in the same way.
or how can to check how the Group export will sound ?

Use your brain?
It is possible to set up a mix that is controllable via solo and exports like you hear it.

How would you print FX returns if the export would be the same as the solo?
No source soloed, no FX.

Intelligent solo comes down to how Steinberg implemented, if you solo a track which has a send cubase knows and you hear the Fx return for that track ,

You solo a group track which has tracks which have Fx sends and you don’t hear the Fx return

you select a group track to export audio , Cubase includes the Fx returns .

It would be nice to have an option for the groups to include the effects returns, for any tracks within the group . Was all I was saying

I found a workaround is so low in the folder and making sure the group track is the last in the list inside the folder

Yes, and for some of us, this is the way to control signals without send FX.

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I agree, I think it’s useful

I’m quite new to Cubase and I’m finding it amazingly powerful I’m loving it, after a 26 year break :slight_smile:

I think the one thing missing from the mixer is the option to have folder groups ! Keep what’s there as it’s useful photo groups which could fold down like for the tracks and sum Or not woild make it perfect

Can you explain what you mean?

In Logic for example you can have “Summing-Stacks”: A summing stack acts like a Cubase Group but with added folder functionality in the mixer and arrange window. It also has vca functionality.

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VCA and audio groups are opposite things by definition.

I did not say that a group is like a VCA. I also know the difference between Group and VCA. I said a Logic Summing Stack has VCA functionality.

And it has, as lowering the Vox Group Summing Stack fader in my picture would also lower effect-send levels on the Vox Tracks, which is exactly the effect using a VCA would have.
Ableton Live also has that functionality (even with nested Folders, which is great) in their Group-Folders. Studio One does not.
You asked for an explanation what Grayedout meant by Groups folding down and this is it.


Yep Logic has them , in simple terms , Cubase would another track type , Group/folder maybe

It would be quite a few benefits in some scenarios , for instance, anything dragged into a grouping folder, would automatically be ussed to that group. So if it’s in the folder, it’s going to the right bus, there will be no confusion, checking where things are rooted manually .

Second advantage would be if you collapse the folder in the range window, it would collapse in the mixing window clearing up hundreds of faders in one go