Group Track Automation - can it move with parts?

Hunting for a way to move automation on my group tracks, so that when I move audio parts feeding the group channel, the group automation moves too - is this possible?

Doesn’t seem as if I can create a ‘part’ on the group channel track to contain the automation (and so cut / trim / move that part) as is possible in Logic - or am I missing something really obvious here?

Any advice gratefully received!

I think you’ll have to move by selecting range instead.


When moving the audio / Midi track parts, also select the group track, and do it by selecting the range, not the objects themselves. That should work.

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Thank you both for your replies - solved! Phew…

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Why is this?

For me its much handier if Groups follow automation, when moving a whole folder or something like that…i use a lot of time delete, time move, arranging etc where its better if Group follow automation when multiple parts are moved.
Also when importing tracks with groups this is much better for me, specially in complicated projects…

Can we have this option in settings perhaps? Groups follow automation?

Am i missing something? Apart using Range Tool?

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I guess the difficulty lies in which parts automation on groups should follow, right?
(I’m assuming you mean group automation follows parts)

I could see how you would end up with a complete mess if this was enabled and you started moving individual clips around on the timeline without realizing your group automation followed. My nat sound tracks, just to give one example, go to a nat group that goes to a sound effects group that goes to the M&E group that goes to the DME group. So if I slide a few things back and forth without realizing I have the option on I’d make a mess out of several groups at once.

I think it’s also somewhat questionable what type of behavior you would want as you move these clips around and automation lines move. Do you want hard ‘cuts’ or smooth ramps? What if there’s an overlap? In many cases I bet it’s easier to deal with this using single clips on one timeline with the track’s automation.

I’m not against it, but I think it’s potentially messy both to get the logic right (programming) and in user implementation.

yes you are right that would be super confusing