group track automation not following folder tracks

One of the features I like the most in Cubase are the folder tracks. I specially like how can I cut, copy, paste and move parts of the folder, and all the included tracks follow.

Now I’m designing some background ambiances, and each one consist on a folder with all the different elements of the ambiance inside. The output of all the tracks on a folder are directed to a group track, one for each ambiance. The group track is used to bring the final effects of the ambiance, as well as to control the volume and other global properties.

The problem is, when I perform any function to the folder (move, cut, paste, etc…) the group track automation doesn’t follow, even if I put the track inside the folder.

I suppose this is due to the fact that folder tracks don’t have events. But, is there any way I could do what I’m trying to do?


Great question. Any workflow tip will be welcome too. :mrgreen:


You can select both the folder part & the automation nodes contained within this range before copying or moving.

Put the group under the folder & it’s pretty easy unless there are automation nodes exactly at the start or end of the part you have cut.

Bear in mind that if the automation of the cut section doesn’t start at the same point it finishes then the automation between this & a copy will become a slope between the 2 values.

Use the Range Tool, and make sure that the Folder Track and the Group Track are both selected in the range?

Well now I’m doing that, selecting the range, but I thought there could be a more elegant solution. Thanks for the replies.