Group Track effects

Using Cubasis 3.0.2 I created a project with track grouping for the first time. One track group was comprised of an independent left track and right channel track (using middle/side miking technique). I grouped the left and right channels and then attempted to apply send effects to the group (e.g. reverb). This seemed to have no effect. I want to be able to apply identical effects to the left and right channels in this group.

How are track groupings supposed to behave with regard to insert or send effects? When it comes to the volume slider I presume it simply locks all the relative volumes and moves them up or down together. But what about the effects loops?

I am going to speculate here that in my particular case the L/R channels which are intentionally phase inverted sum to zero when sent to the effects loop, because the panning is performed AFTER the effects send (or the effects are only processing summed L+R input). I need to be able to pan BEFORE the effects send, and have the effects process both channels of a stereo track as input.

I achieved the best results out of this middle/side miking setup by applying effects only to the middle channel. I would hope I could apply effects to the left and right phase inverted channels and hear audible results from those inverted channels.

I am posting this as a working solution - group all three tracks (middle, left, right) together rather than just left and right when sending to the effects loop. Maybe that’s obvious to some… but it was a nice journey of discovery for me. If the left and right tracks cancel in a monoaural loop input channel, that’s equivalent to just sending the middle track, but I have the group controlled with a slider which I like.