Group track for several instrument tracks

I really need have a feature to record midi part on one track and hearing all others instrument tracks included in a group. Just like track stack for several instruments track in Logic - there you can record midi notes on track stack and it will affect to others instruments included in a stack! So you don’t need to copy midi part to other track instruments. One midi part for all instr tracks in a group, please!!

You can create a MIDI track and use MIDI sends to drive multiple VSTi from that track.

Yes, I know that. But! You have only 4 sends, what if I need a 6 instruments to drive simultaneosly? And I can’t hear all instruments in such “midi group” if I push solo on that midi track with sends. So it’s better to have an ability to combine all software instruments to group track, but group track should have an option for midi editing then

It’s better to have the ability, yeah maybe. Making a feature request is totally legit. I was just suggesting a way to do it right now.

If you want to solo the midi track and hear all the instruments connected to it, enable solo defeat on the instrument track connected to the send. The one connected to the main out will be soloed, and all others will play.

Of course, you right. But it has too much clicks and routings for that easiest task. For me much easier just group your tracks and start record right after that (like in Logic)