Group track handling in arranger view

When doing drag&drop on track to a group track it should be moved to the group in the same way as folder tracks.

I imagine this to be really useful. +1

But how would we know which tracks would be assigned to said Group?

One thought I had was that Group/FX/VCA Tracks would need to become “folderlike”, in that they open, and upon opening reveal the SENDS that feed them. It would take up a lot of space in the Arranger view, and there should be a truly FAST way of handling the opening and closing of Folder Tracks and this new “Folderlike Group/FX/VCA” tracks. Or maybe I’m just thinking too complicated and you have something entirely different in mind?

Im thinking that it should be a option in the track control settings to show a “overview”. From that overview you should then be able to grab the tracks or give command to un-group or what ever you can do. It can also be like tracks for comping, with some view showing that they can not be edited there.

That’s a feature I’d love to see! It would be much faster than using Add Selected to Group/FX/VCA.

I’ve even assigned modifiers in my mind!
-Simple drag->Channel Output to Group
-Ctrl drag-> Channel Send Pre-Fader to Group
-Shift drag-> Channel Send Post-Fader to Group.


VCA should work. How did you think about FX? Take the first unused send, it will be a bit trickier for FX since you might also consider old sends. But it whould be very nice!

First unused send is what I was thinking. If the sends are full, it would just not let you drop the track to the group.