Group track inserts before group track sends?

Hello, I have a large orchestral template, and I have send fx (reverbs) that are connected to my group tracks. So for example, low strings reverb to low strings group track. On the individual tracks, is where I can add those reverb sends, ie on cellos ,or basses (going to low strings group channel). My question though is I’m so used to mixing and adding inserts like EQ on individual tracks as I know the signal flow is inserts to sends. But I want to make it easier on my self and start mixing on the group channel level. If I add inserts on the group channel, would those hit the signal chain first before the send verb for that group channel?

As I understand it, the Cubase signal flow is individual tracks inserts, then sends, then group busses, but like mentioned above, what if you have plugins on the group busses? What is the signal flow for that?

Think of audio tracks as having their chain and then group tracks as having their chain, and both being essentially the same. If you output an audio track to a group track then you extend the chain, but “within” the group track the signal flow is basically the same as the audio track.

So ‘yes’, your inserts on group tracks come before sends.

Thank you!