Group track Macro, for those who...


For those who wants their Group Track to live in the same Folder where the members of the group do.
So you just select tracks you want to go to the new Group track then push the button then name your Group track hit Enter and that’s it. You’ve got your selected tracks and new Group track in a new folder.

So here it is.

First you need to make a new Project Logical Editor preset, let’s call it “Group to Folder” :

( Container type is Equal track And
Property Property is not set Is Hidden ) And
( Media Type is Equal Audio Or
Media Type is Equal MIDI Or
Media Type is Equal Effect Or
Media Type is Equal Group )

In Function field select SELECT.

Here is the Macro:

1.Channel & Track Visibility - Agents: Show Only Selected Channels/Tracks
2.Mixer - Add Track To Selected: Group Channel
3.Navigate - Top
4.Process Project Logical Editor - Group To Folder
5.Project - Move Selected Tracks to New Folder
6.Channel & Track Visibility - Agents: Undo Visibility Change.

Enjoy. Hope you’ll like it.

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