Group Track presets won't load

Greetings all,
I can save and load audio and instrument track presets no problem.
Group tracks, however, I can save but not load. (They appear in the list, but nothing happens when I try to add them to my project.)
I see in the forum that over the years a few people have had the same problem, but no solutions were suggested, which makes me think perhaps this is an uncommon bug.
In any case, any thoughts/suggestions would be welcome!

Cubase Pro 11.02
iMac, late 2013, Catalina 10.15.7
24GB ram, 3.5 quad-core intel core i7


I expect this happens, if you try to double-click the preset in the MediaBay, or if you try to drag and drop the preset to the project. Am I right?

But you can loaded from the Track Preset to the Group Track, am I right?

(Apologies I didn’t see your kind reply until just now…)

As far as I can tell, I can’t load group track presets via any method (mediabay, drag, double click, making a group track then attempting to load a preset, or the little “use track preset” button in the upper left)