group track problems

I want to create a group track to combine two instruments in Cubase5 student.
The input is from a Steinburg MR816x/Yamaha Motif.
I’ve created the audio track OK for the Motif and see the levels fine on the audio track.
But when I route the output from the motif audio track to the group track I don’t see any levels on the group track.
That group track should be registering the audio track’s output.
The other night it was working after I upgraded the MR816x drivers. But I booted the system today
and it wasn’t working again.

if you see the audio signals on the single track I assume it’s more a cubase internal routing problem…

have you tried to create a new group chanel and route the audio signal to this new Group?
& did you check the routings of the group chanel?
May help… or not…