Group Tracks not available as Inputs

If I set up a group track then send something to it, i expect to be able to select the group track as an input source for a new audio track. But it doesnt show up as an option, only the main stereo in is available. I am using Artist 10. Any ideas?

Use Cubase Pro
And stop double posting… :unamused:

Ok Lord of the universe thanks for the blessing of your infinite wisdom.

However, I didn’t know if I had two separate issues or two related issues. And perhaps if good advice was given then someone in the future who wonders where their inputs are might not think to look at a post about recording from master bus.

I also still don’t know if one of my issues is a limitation of Artist or if you are just being an a-hole.

Normally input tracks are routed to group tracks, not the opposite way.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there is another way to do it.

Hi, Basicly I want to be able to record a vst instrument’s audio to a seperate track at the same time as the midi. (Or maybe not even the midi) , just straight forward realtime bouncing. There is a Greg Ondo tutorial on the subject where he routes the vsti to a group then creates an audio track with the group track’s output as an input. But I’m not able to select any other inputs other than the audio interface.

Both is normal, depending on your requirements.

Sorry, I have mostly used digital mixers and with those you normally can not route group out to an input channel. Didn’t think “inside the box” :slight_smile: But my main point was to ask why OP needs to do it.

What the OP wants to do is so obvious - recording the VSti Ouput while the corresponding midi is recorded.
It takes Cubase Pro to do that.

I am for a long time advocating to change the logic of Cubase in this area: VSti-Returns are in fact rather input-channels then normal mixer channels so they should be routable to audio-tracks that are able to record the signals. Alternatively a record button on vsti-audio channels would also fulfill the purpose. In other words - a conceptual change woud be helpful here.

Yes, but not from the beginning, only from the third post, where he explains why :slight_smile:

I dont feel like paying nearly £300 to upgrade for just this feature! For resampling purposes , I have discovered the segment select tool which I can use to render very specific sections of a midi track, which i can then drag to a sampler track, my favourite cubase feature. This will have to do.