Group tracks silent after adding VCA fader


I believe that some similar has been reported but haven’t found a solution.

I made a template with a VCA fader controlling two group channels.
Suddenly every thing routed to those groups become silent.If I click on the group fader the audio comes back but goes away as soon as I stop clicking it.
If i create new groups routed directly to the main out all works fine as long as I don’t use VCAs.
Didn’t happened before…

Any workaround?

WIn 7 64 Cubase 8.0.30 RME AIO (drivers 4.12)

I have the same problem, whether I’m trying to control individual tracks or channels via the new VCA channel. The funny thing is, it doesn’t always happen: sometimes it only works while clicking on the track slider - and then immediately stops when I stop clicking - and then after a restart if Cubase, sometimes it works as expected. Wierd, but makes VCA tracks unusable for me.


Today I turned on the PC and Cubase worked as expected…

I found a workaround for this, at least to get the tracks sound again… If you delete de VCA it will ask you if you want to keep the automation parameters, say YES (I always said no…) and you will get sound again. I did it several times and works 100%.
If you already deleted the VCA and said no to keep automation, just create another VCA on those faders and delete it saying yes.

As for the bug itself, I am not able to reproduce it, but every time I got it was on the next day I used the session. The first day when I create the VCA, folders and all the routing, everything works. Then I switch off the studio and next day I get no sound.

I hope this helps someone (:


Same happens to me. I don’t work with VCA faders till someone fix this thing