Group tracks with effects on source and group tracks


I’m experiencing a problem that I can’t explain, and perhaps it’s due to my use of Group Tracks.

If I have a stereo track feeding a group track, and insert effects on both, are they applied in series?

If I have two stereo tracks, each with different effects, feeding a group track, which also has effects, how are they all applied?


By the nature of the effect being an insert the track goes through the effect and then the output of that channel. This then feeds the group track and again an insert on that would be the next to be applied before going to wherever you have it routed. So in series.

That helped. Thanks!

I decided that my issue was not having gain-staged properly from plug-in to plug-in. Once I made sure I wasn’t clipping anywhere by managing the output level of each plug-in, the clipping (and distortion) went away.

Great glad to hear :+1: