Group tracks

Hello guys,

I am bit confused in order to create GROUP Tracks.
I’ve created a rack instrument with Kontakt were I have, let’s say, 6 strings tracks, so I have 6 Midi + 6 Stereo tracks. Then I’ve created a Group track named STRINGS.
Now, in the mixer I’ve selected all the Strings stereo tracks and sent them to the STRINGS Group track, then I activated the sends.
Moving the STRINGS group track fader have no effect on the volume of any of the strings.
I also tried with sending the STRINGS group track to “Stereo out” but same thing.

I tried another way by selecting all the stereo tracks together then right click to “Add Group Channel to Selected Channels” and now the fader of the Group track created control the volume of all the strings. But this way when you look in the mixer above the faders there is no indications that the stereo tracks are sended to this group track??
The other problem is that I tried the same except that I’ve added an Instrument track with the Strings stereo tracks to send to this group track and although the Strings are still controlled the Instrument track is not controlled by the group track??

Hope this explanation is not too confuse…

Could someone explain to me how to really group tracks to get like all my Strings in a group, all my Brasses in another and so on??

Thanks in advance for any help


The problem in your routing is you send the signal to the Group via Send. You should route it via Output.

If you use the Send, you route the signal to the Group via Send AND you also route the signal to the Stereo Out via the Out. So you have no full control about the volume on the Group Channel.

Ok, got it!