Grouped dynamics incoherent alignment?

As you may have noticed, I am collecting some problems that I have had with dynamics… The following one refers to hairpins that change their alignment when other hairpins are added above or below. Here you have the example:

Is is possible to avoid this?

What do you expect/want to happen in this case? Clearly you do not want the larger hairpin superimposed on the shorter hairpins.

EDIT: Oh, I see, the misalignment of the shorter hairpins; yes, that is a problem.
This was the best I could do as a workaround.

Thanks Derrek! setting the large dynamic “above” solves the problem, but still I think that they should align properly when both dynamics are at the same side. And yes, there are situations where you can ask for double (composite) dynamics. In this case, I would like to ask for a global crescendo that has small dynamic fluctuations inside :slight_smile: