Grouped flows and more ideas

Hey there!
I’ve been searching this forum for any other topic about ‘Flows ideas’, but I haven’t found anything—probably there are many, BTW!
Well, I simply wanted to talk about how flows are organized and if there are better ways of dealing with any kind of ‘structuring’ or grouping.
I think it would be so great if anytime in the future Dorico allows Flows to be organized by groups or to be tagged in any way, just to keep things clean and clear when the flow count goes beyond a hundred…

I wish to see what do you think about it! :wink:

I would love to have folders for flows.


I would also like to see that flow groups have properties like flows, e.g. Project = bundle of sonatas, Flow group = 1 sonata, Flow = 1 movement. Obviously, all levels may have their own titles, composers, arrangers etc.

I second this