Grouping automatically ungrouping!!

Whenever I have group of tracks (drums), (bass direct & amp) etc. I put them into folders and press the grouping button. Then when I edit I cut the first track - and they all cut (as expected) but when I grab the first track to move it, not all the tracks move. Some stay untouched.

This function used to work fine, can anyone suggest where to look to get this function working again?

what happens when you try it with out the folder grp feature and just do it the old way?

Just fine then!

That’s what I’m doing at the moment!

I wish I could call it a bug but it seems to work this way by design is 5.5. It came with the new Lanes style. It happens to me all the time and it is incredibly annoying. When I tried to go back to an earlier version of 5 the tracks all stack on top of each other in one lane (meaning tons of work to sort out) so I am caught with having to put up with 5.5 till they fix it. There is supposed to be an update at the end of Q1 (Next week?) that will address the problems with the new lanes or at least give us the option to chose the old Lanes style.