Grouping Clips or Tracks for Volume Envelope Changes

Is there any way to group clips or tracks so that Volume Envelope moves made to one are reflected in all others in the group (volume point move, create, delete, etc). It would be much easier than copying and pasting the envelope from one clip to many others in a big multichannel project.

Fade changes can be made simultaneously across multiple grouped clips and fades are part of the volume envelope, so I thought maybe I’ve just been missing something about how to group clips for more extensive envelope changes.

Also will the Video Track ever return to Wavelab?

If the answer to one or both is No, I guess this is a feature request.

On Mac, if I select the desired clips and hold option while I edit the fade or volume envelope, they all move together.

Thanks Justin. I know you can do it with fades, and possibly up/down with perfectly horizontal envelopes (?). But I mean add delete modify move points across all the selected clips. I’ve heard you can do it with track grouping in Pro Tools, but that would be Track envelopes I guess, not Clip envelopes.

Will Wavelab ever have Track envelopes?

I figured I wasn’t telling you anything new but thought it was at least worth mentioning :smiley:

I would also like to see better track/clip grouping as well as track level envelopes. There are times with the clip volume envelopes don’t quite do it for me.