Grouping dynamics behaves strange: dynamics position change

Dear forum,

I’ve returned to Dorico after some months and I’m regaining the skills with it. As usual, I still love it!
The problem that I have now is with dynamics. When I group some dynamics, some of them change positions after grouping. I’ll try to explain it with a video. Offscreen it’s me selecting Edit > Dynamics > Group Dynamics. As you see, the second group of dynamics shifts from beat 3 to beat 2.
Thank you in advance for your help.
group (384 KB)

Hello again. As it might be related, I’ve found another issue in the exact same passage. This might be intended behaviour, but if it is, I find it kind of counterintuitive
sempre (111 KB)

Please see the fourth guideline in this post to allow us to help you more effectively.


Sorry, I skipped that one. Here’s a file that replicates the problem. I copied and pasted that offending measure in a new project.
If you select the second group of hairpins and try to group with the third and the fourth, the fourth group disappears.
Also, if I select the “sempre p” marking, the popover shows “sempre p sempre”. And after hitting “Enter”, that’s how it appears in the score.
Dynamics (601 KB)

Thanks for the file: very helpful. The problem with “sempre p” ending up as “sempre p sempre” is a simple bug I can fix – sorry for the inconvenience. The grouping problem is a bit more vexed, but you can work around it by first ungrouping the two grouped pairs of hairpins before you try to add the first pair of hairpins, i.e. provided you group all three pairs together, all will be well. There are still a number of cases for adding/removing dynamics from groups that we plan to fix in future updates.

Thanks Daniel! The sempre p sempre was something I stumbled upon by chance while preparing the file for you. Nothing of these are dealbreakers anyway.