Grouping for playback

In Dorico, is there a way to get groups for playback volume, mute, solo and solo-in-front?

Eg. when working with the wind-section I need to solo or preferably solo-in front. A way to group all the wind and have volume and track-utilities on one fader would be awesome.

I’m using Noteperformer

Group mixer tracks are not available yet AFAIK.

Ok, thanks! It will be an FR then.
Scratching my head over how to get a decent workflow.

Not exactly what you are asking for, but you can drag-select notes and then only those staves with selected notes will play back. You could quickly drag-select the winds and then only the winds will play back. It’s a fast way to check something without needing to use the NP mixer anyway.

Yes, that’s exactly my workaround. Gives group solo, at least for adjacent staves.

Non-adjacent works too: just cmd-select (ctrl-select on Windows) any number of objects in several staves.

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Thanks! That’s very helpful.