Grouping not always working

So, say I have kick, snare, hats and cymbals on separate tracks and I put them in a group called Kit.
I’ve noticed, if I’ve soloed the Kit group and then mute and solo again only a couple of the tracks solo, the other two are still muted.
Any ideas on this?


I cannot reproduce it here. If I Solo Group, Mute Group, Solo Group, all Audio tracks are Muted, and only Group is Soloed.

Could you add one more screenshot, with the tab Routing opened, please?

Do you use any folders in your project?

Hi Martin,
By routing tab do you mean the attached?

I can see also “Fills” track is routed to the KIt group.

Do you use any Folders in your project?

Hi Martin,
I have one set of folders for midi.
Some of the Kit group is midi and some waves.

This will probably be the reason.

Why is that? The 2 tracks that solo correctly, one is a wave and one is an addictive drum snare.
Can you explain please?


The Instrument track behaviour is a bit different, than Audio track behaviour.

If you Solo the track (in the Project window), then the “MIDI” track is solved, and also all Audio Returns of the Instrument (so all InstrumentReturn Channels are solved in the MixConsole). If you Solo the Instrument Return Channel in the MixConsole, all related MIDI tracks are solved too, in the Project window (and then even in the MixConsole).

Analogue behaviour is, if you Solo a Group Channel, and the Instrument Return Channel is forced to switch the Solo status (by this Group Channel).

Thank you for the explanation Martin.
Is there a work around I could use for this?

You can make it a bit more obvious by using MIDI tracks and Instrument Return Channels (i.e. Instrument Racks). But the result is the same, in fact. This is an internal architecture.

Thanks, looks like I’ll have to put up with it:)