Grouping of 5 in 5/8

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 11.14.22
Hi there,
In the screenshot provided, I wish to collapse those two semiquavers into a single quaver.
I have looked at the beaming options in Notation Options, but because the key sig is 5/8, I can’t just apply a simple rule like “beam over the half-bar”.
I have also tried shift-M, and then typing [5]/8, to try and override the 3+2 grouping, but this didn’t work either.
Could you help please?

Curious. [5]/8 works perfectly for me. But looking at your beaming, perhaps you have some forced duration locks on?

Works for me too.


Ah! That was useful, thank you Janus and jesele. Your comments made me try again, this time highlighting the entire bar, rather than just those notes. And it worked this time - in fact has now changed the entire to piece to how I want it, not just that one bar.