Grouping of Notes


all I want to achieve is this:

Despite my global instruction, Dorico notates this in the following way:

Experiments with “Force Duration” didn’t lead me to my goal, too. When I notate the dotted half with force duration all works fine. As soon as I try to tie the last last note of the tuplets with the dotted half, Dorico splits it, like it’s shown in the picture above. Is there any way to get what I like to see?

Thanks for help in advance.

Strange! With Dorico’s default settings and force duration I get the result you want to achieve.


The problem here is that the notation option you’ve highlighted doesn’t apply: that is for notes beginning on a beat and crossing the half-bar. There is in fact no notation option that applies in this specific situation, at least one that will provide the result you want (the closest one is ‘Notes starting in the middle of the beat and crossing the half-bar’), but you can easily get the result you want using Force Duration. To do this:

  1. Position the caret at the position of the start of the note you want to be shown as a dotted half (dotted minim).
  2. Hit U to cut the tie between the last note of the triplet at the dotted half.
  3. Select the dotted half, and type O for Force Durations, then 7 followed by . to change it to the dotted half you want to see.
  4. Select the last note of the triplet, type O to force its duration too, then hit T to join the last note of the triplet to the dotted half note.

Once you have this done for one bar, you can copy and paste to other bars and use Lock Durations to reinput the pitches.

I entered the eighth triplet without force duration. Then I switched on force duration, entered the dotted halt note. Then I switched off force duration, selected the last triplet note and hit T. The result is what you can see in my previous post.


Thanks a lot! Very helpful. Problem solved. :slight_smile: