Grouping parts (sub composition) + CC curve modifier


I’d like to have kind of a container which can contain other midi parts. The idea is to nest midi parts. It could be called sub composition or sub arrangement.

The second request is a CC curve modifier, which is related to the first request, but would also work without it. The idea here is to be able to overlay a curve modifier to alter CC controller data non-destructively in the CC lane. In some cases something similar can already be done using automation but that feels very disconnected to me.

In the picture you can see a curve modifier scaling velocity values.

No interest in this? I changed the title to make it hopfully more clear.


There are MIDI CC Curves since Cubase 11. It works the very same way, as the automation curves.

Thanks for your interest. Please read my opening post again. What i mean is the ability to overlay a curve to modify existing CC values. The picture shows velocity in dark red + a second overlayed curve + the sum of both in bright red, all at the same time. Everything can be changed again, it’s non destructive.

The curve scales the velocity in the example picture.

Edit: What is mean is not the curve itself but a curve modifier. A curve that alters (eg add, substract, scale) other curves.