Grouping piano pedal lines

Is it possible to group piano pedal lines, so that their vertical display positions are the same? Currently, adjacent pedal lines are at differing heights, based on the lowest note above each line (see attachment). I expected it to work like dynamics grouping works, but in thinking about it more, this isn’t really analogous. I’m guessing there’s probably a generic way to vertically line up items of the same type. I’m still working my way through the manual and all of your terrific videos.
Screenshot 2017-08-26 09.22.39.png

It is not possible to group pedal lines, but you can line them up in engrave mode by dragging them with the mouse (or setting the pedal Y Offset property in the bottom property panel.)

Would be great if Dorico could handle it automatically like it does Magnetic Layout in Sibelius.


Eric, would it not make more sense to use ONE pedal line here, with notches at each barline? Dorico would automatically align everything correctly if you did that. Also, it’s what pianists are used to seeing (trust me I’m a pianist!)