Groups / FX tracks not showing in "Routings" drop down

When adding a Group Track, it doesn’t appear in the “Routings” drop down of already existing tracks.

In order to route an existing track to a new group, I need to duplicate the track and delete the original, so the duplicated track is created “after” the group and so the group appears in its routing tab.

This is a tedious workaround for routing multiple tracks.

I never noticed this issue before, but has been a problem since at least Cubase Pro 12.0.6

Then there is something wrong in your settings, that prevents Cubase to enable the routing to these groups. Maybe you set the routing from the group on creation in a way that it will produce a loop if you route the channels to it.

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I’ve considered a feedback loop being the culprit, however it appears this is more a bug than human error. At least from my investigations of it,

It also isn’t consistent. Sometimes, some groups will show, sometimes none will show. A feedback loop wouldn’t rule out routing to every group / fx track in the project.

No, only that what is causing the issue.
If you have enabled the system setting “create FX sends on track creation” this could have an influence on the issue as well. It applies to group tracks too.

There was a discussion about it some months ago. But can’t find it at the moment.