Groups, Link Groups and Busses

What is the benefit for setting up a bus versus setting up a group versus setting up a link group?
Also, I don’t understand why, under Studio, I have ‘MixConsole’, ‘MixConsole 2’, ‘MixConsole 3’ and ‘MixConsole in Project Window’.
I am loving Cubase Pro 10, but the choices are sometimes a bit overwhelming for me, coming from simple 4-track analog recording.

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well that is quite a complex question that you should learn by hands-on mixing experiences.
I suggest you start with a few videos to understand the basics and the differences between the different type of tracks. These could be a start:

mix console 1,2 and 3 are basically there so you can configure different setups. say you can use mix console for mixing, mix console 2 just for inputs while recording and so on.

Using a group allows you to affect multiple tracks at once. So you would probably want to treat kick and snare separately and then buss/group them to add additional compression and reverb.

Link groups are useful for controlling multiple tracks at the same time. Maybe you have multiple guitar tracks that need to have their individual compression but their effects chains are the same. You could link them and only have to add each insert effect once, and it would be mimicked across all tracks.

With regards to the mixconsoles. I have one mix console for inputs, one as a main mixer and one specifically for VCAs that are attached to stems of like instruments that I can export when finishing a project.

Glenn, thanks very much for the links.
Manike, thanks very much for the tips. It looks like I don’t really need to create any busses under Audio Connections other than my UR22, which is my only input/output device. I think Groups should be sufficient for me as well, and some VCAs could be very useful.

This may be personal preference, but one more question regarding folders: do you see any drawback to placing all related audio/midi/instrument tracks in respective folders? For example, the Drums folder would have audio drum tracks, midi drum tracks and drum instrument tracks, then I would have a separate Drums group and separate FX tracks. Same thing for guitars, keys, etc.
I am asking because I have watched a couple of tutorials in which the host created a folder for drums folder for guitars and so on, but also a folder for instrument tracks, a folder for FX tracks, etc…

Folder tracks are handy in projects with many tracks. say you record a drumkit with 8 mics, put them in a folder track so you can collapse the folder to give a clearer overview of other tracks in your project.
Definitely a preference case. I often add a midi track for snare or kick drum - they also would go in my Drums folder track.

Same for guitars, if you record DI signal + cabinet (maybe with multiple mics) its always good to have the option to hide away the 4-8 tracks and just watch the folder track content display. Especially if you record layers on top of layers.

You wouldn’t use a folder tracks for 1-2 tracks, that would make it more management then common sense

Thanks again Glenn.
You have probably seen this already, but I’m sharing a Greg Ondo video one of your links led me to: