Grouptrack placing

Hello fellow Cubasers, here is something that bugs me sometimes. When adding a new audio or midi track Cubase automatically places it beneath the track you select. But when adding a grouptrack Cubase automatically drops it in the Grouptrack folder. I really prefer my grouptracks beneath the coupled audiotracks. Like a drumgrouptrack right beneath the drumtracks. I find a bit anoying to scroll through lots of tracks on the mixer back and forth if Im adjusting the drums for instance. So I drag each grouptrack manually to the place I want it with the mouse. This takes up some time sometimes as I have to drag en drop the grouptrack over many tracks (sometimes 100+) to the desired place.

Most of the time when I add a grouptrack, I cant even see the just created grouptrack because its been added in the grouptrack folder on a completely different point in the project. So I have to scroll and find it, then drag it to the desired place. I really hope I’m missing something.
Any suggestions? Or another workflow?

I tried using the search function quite some time before posting and found nothing related to this. Still not finding anything related to this on the forum or net. Your reply implies that this has been questioned before? If so please enlighten me because i’m having a hard time finding anything…

That is how it works. And there have been many feature requests for this to be changed.

As far as searching the forum goes, you can try using google to do a search, it is more sophisticated and forgiving than the forum search. Just go to google and enter exactly

followed by your search terms. e.g. group tracks

As for user Gump, perhaps he is an external external moderator :wink:

Thanks! Too bad, Guess we have to wait and hope that a future update solves this. Same with the EFX tracks. One little box to tick at Preferences would do.

Yes, placing busses anywhere - and within a folder track that contains everything would be swell.

You can place them wherever you want, the OP is talking about where they go by default.