Grove Agent 4 & Absolute Collection Sugestion

I did not write this in anger but out of disappointment. Please read with a smile :slight_smile:

I went to upgrade my Grove Agent 4SE to the full GA4 and saw that there is no upgrade for all of us who own Grove Agent SE? I then went to see if it was part of the Absolute Collection and it is not. However you want to sell us Cubase users Retrologue again (No I do not consider $50 off nearly enough for already owning Halion SE, Retrologue and Padshop, yes $8 bucks for Padshop Pro update)… I have 2 copies legal purchased copies of Cubase (Full 7.5 and Artist 7.5 for my laptop both legal with USB dongles) and have supported Cubes for over 6 years. I think a $99 upgrade for GASE owners would be fair and also adding it to the Absolute collection in lieu of Retrologue. If the Absolute collection had GA4 I would purchase it in a minute, as this would upgrade both my GA and Halion. That would be worth the $249.00 (Cubase Special price). Remember you are up against the SUPER powerful Komplete and Komplete Ultimate. Komplete Ultimate 9 is only $699 right now and I get 20 times the products for only a few hundred more than the Absolute Collection…
If a Cubase user does the math it would be better to simply buy the $99 Halion Sonic upgrade and then then buy any of the VSTs they want separately. If GA4 were included in the Absolute Collection then it would be worth the $249 and more competitive with Komplete.

Thanks for considering.

I still love Cubase and the quick start tutorials are amazing as is the SWA Cubase 7 tut. Please consider these suggestions… Remember Komplete 9 is only $399!! :wink: