Grove agent 4 library?

Hi everyone, i have Cubase Pro 11, which has GA SE5, recently i bought a used dongle with Halion 6 and GA 4 full version. Will i benefit from installing this GA 4 ? Is it compatible in the same system ?

Both Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE have different content compared to their full versions. They can coexist with the full versions.

Will GA 5 Se open some of the 4 full content?

No. Groove Agent 5 SE will only open the content supplied with it and add-on content that is sold separately, not factory content for the full version of Groove Agent.

You could pay for a version update to Groove Agent 5. This costs GBP85 in the UK, so I suspect it’s US$99 or €99.

Thanks for your replies.