Grove Agent // load multiple instruments

Cubase 8, Grove Agent SE4. And question is like in topic.

How to load multiple instruments kit from main banks to different group in GAse4. Can I move groups to outhers number? For example: House kit instrument are loaded in group 3,4,5 and I wont move this to 6,7,8 group. Now I wont load second instrument to 1,2,3 group? Is this passible?

If I understand your question correctly, no, you can only load one kit in GA4se. You can, however, add more instruments/ samples on all remaining free pads. A kit has already pads assigned, hence loading another kit will just overwrite the already loaded kit.

On the full GA4 version you could load another kit on a separate agent, of which there are 4 available.

I hope this answers your question.

Thank you for response. You give me good way to search solution. Well I find some solution to load multiple instruments kit to one GA4 to selected group.

First step is chose some instrument kit in GA4.
Second step add second instance of GA4 and load outher instrument kit.
Tree step, then just drag and drop some selected pads from second GA4 to main instance of GA4 and selected group. And done.

I really like default GA4 instrument banks. Its good for me, and I looking to mix that banks toghether. Now its working :slight_smile: Thanks

Many years have passed since my post. In the end I bought GA4 and unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with some functions. In GA4, you can not copy, move drag & drop samples between GA4 instances. In GA SE it was possible. Ehh Stainberg please fix it!!