Grove Agent One won't open after Cubase 7.03 update


I can’t get my Groove Agent One to open after updating to Cubase 7.03 (VST Instruments and Instrument Track)

  • no error message, the instrument rack is empty after opening!

All other VTS instruments Steinberg and others opens as usual (PadShop, Halion Sonic, Retrologue, LoopMash, Komplete U8, Arturia, Korg Legacy, LindPlug, UVI etc.)

My set-up is Mac. OS 10.8.3, Cubase 7, - all VST are Auto mapped (AutoMap 4.5.0, Zero SLMkII)

I have noticed that the GAO PlugIns are installed a different place:
all other Steinberg Plugins are installed MacHD/Library/Audio/VST3
Can I move the GAO Plugin / Will it help?

I don’t know if this is a 7.03 issue, but I know that GAO works perfectly before this update!

Can some one help?

Thank you in Advance


No problem here with Win-System :wink: