Grove Agent SE 4 - Metal Essential - error Missing sound

I am new on the forum.

I bought Metal Essential.
I installed the latest patch for Cubase Element 8, Metal Essentials.

I received a message:
Find Missing Samples: Missing sound archive(duble click), e.g. YMH-China-Stick-hit-Choke-non-Clse_01.tg3c
What should I do.
Where Metal Essentials should be available?
Am I doing something wrong?



Exactly the same for me but with the latest patch of “Funk Essential”.

I bough it 24,99 $ I’m a little bit nervous. I’m on Cubase element 8 with groove agent SE4

If anybody can help




Did you guys already update to the latest version of Groove Agent SE?

I solved the problem.
It was my mistake.
In the meantime, I changed my account from administrator to user (computer).
When I installed the package, the computer asked for the admin password, appeared another installation path…
When I changed my account on aministrator and installed package it’s ok.


Ah! Perfect!