more time overwrite a file! can you do something

I’m incorrigible and often in a hurry…so when I export “print” to pdf, I don’t change the name and I overwrite an old file
it could well be be great if by default dorico put under filename Options in the print page the name of the file or @projectTitle@?

Have you checked the Filename Options?


ok I found
Preferences > General > Exporting Files, click Edit.

Like this?

Jesper was talking about the very button “Filename Options” in his screen shot.
There you can tell Dorico to include the project title in the file name :slight_smile:

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Yes I just try ! You are right…there is an alarm…!!!
yet I did not invent having overwritten files several times!!!
I’m starting to doubt my head it’s scary haha! Thanks

But Preferences > General > Exporting Files, click Edit.
is great