Grrove Agent One

Does anyone know how to use the sampled drum kits in H4 with Groove Agent One? Any insight would be appreciated.
Thanks :question:

I actually put in a feature request for this very reason, to allow dragging and dropping from Halion 4 into Groove Agent One as currently it doesn’t allow this to happen. You can drag and drop to and from a Cubase project, but not into other plugins. I hope they take this into consideration in a future update.

Thanks Cantankerous, we should be able to import all of the drum samples into GAO, it would make work flow much better using the same sub-interface for all drums. :cry:

I agreed and not just for drums either. I hope this little set back can be recognized and rectified in a future update. It is out of our hands now, just wait and see.

I sampled all Toontrack EZX electronics samples All Korg Triton Kicks, snares, Cymbals and Hats.
And all Halion Kicks.
Also because I like using GA as my main drumsampler.

Took me a few rainy sundays (total of 1500+ samples)
But now they are tagged, rated and organized in the media Bay. That is even better then pulling them out of Halion.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks for the reply Sir, sorry about the spelling. That sounds like a lot of work, but I think I will use that method to put together some custom kits. :sunglasses: