Grrr... Cubase 10.5 always sends MIDI start message to external gear

Hey everyone -
My problem is exactly that: if I have an external piece of MIDI gear turned on that has a sequencer / arpeggiator (say, a drum machine, a synth, sampler, etc), Cubase always seems to send a start message, even when I don’t want it to.

I might just want to physically play a synth. But the second Cubase begins to roll, it sends a MIDI start message, which initiates the keyboard’s arp or sequencer. It’s almost hilarious.

Do I have to do more than DESELECT “Always Send Start Message” under Transport > Project Sync Setup > Destinations?

Thanks everyone.

Just checking in again. Any ideas, anyone?

Really not too knowledgeable about this, but as far as I can tell Cubase has no way to filter MIDI System Realtime Messages (the culprits here being Start, Continue and Stop Messages). The “Always Send Start Message” option only replaces all Continue Messages with Start Messages, since not all MIDI devices support those.

Options that might solve it would be to disable the MIDI ports as MIDI clock destinations, filter the Start/Continue/Stop Messages with external software, or configure your gear to reject external Start/Continue/Stop messages.

Just ideas on my part though, not certain solutions.

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