Grrr..why didn't my C6 trial let me "purchase"??

Was the C6 trial supposed to allow us to purchase a full downloadable license?

Basically my trial expired just as I was gonna buy. Now when I try to open the C6 trial to click the “purchase” button it just sez my “trial has ended” and quickly closes.

I went to the Steinberg website to buy but now I have to order the boxed version to be shipped. Kinda sucks as I was hoping to use it tonite and this weekend.

Was purchasing thru the trial version ALWAYS gonna lead to having to have the boxed version shipped?

Just wondering…

You can only buy Cubase full version as a boxed product…so yes it was always going to be this way.

Your only chance to get it sooner now would be to purchase from a local retailer or from an online retailer offering Saturday delivery.

if you have an extra usb key, you can create another account and download another demo in the mean time.

K…thx for the heads up!!