Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wtf !!!!!! mixer missing button names

since I updated to last fix I have a graphic problem on my mixer…
to be fair I don’t know if this was a windows update ( as I updated that shortly after ) or Cubase … but the problem is .:
the channel button names are gone all except the “e” button wtf !!! :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:
has anyone else had or is now having this problem ??
I can still work but it is annoying
cheers T

It works fine here. For testing, did you do horizontal tests to widen and narrow each channel and get the same result?

Did you try a total mix console reset?

yep !!!
I am thinking it maybe a plugin or this new ara thing as I had some other freaky gpu things happen like my audio editor started to show melodyne type blobs before I was forced to close and re open the audio edit page
I will test in the morning with new projects …

its just freaking me out at the mo as i was just finishing a job for someone when this happened… but as i said i could still work and have just finished the job and readying for mastering …
we shall see …

thank you so much for your time …
T :slight_smile:

My mixer knobs were missing their shading since 9.5, IIRC. The update to 10 did not fix it. I was able to fix it by uninstalling 10 and deleting (MacOS) the preferences files, and reinstalling. I’m on a different OS, but you might try backing up your Cubase application data folders and uninstalling/removing any leftover application folders/reinstalling.