GTX 1070 went out and old card won't work either.

I recently purchased a gtx 1070 and it was working perfectly for a week or so, until suddenly my game crashed in witcher 3, and i noticed some tears in the graphics before it froze. I turn my computer back on and the screen is black. xe hyundai hd700 dong vang. I can hear windows start up but cannot see anything on the monitor. After a couple restarts i got my screen back and played for the day. The next day my screen was black again. I went to onboard so i could get into windows and uninstall all drivers for my cards to start fresh. I tried to put my old card back in as well and still a black screen. Thought it was my pci slot? Got a new MOBO and processor , still same problem. Can anyone help me im so confused.
gia xe tai van dongben 2 cho

Try swapping in a different cable .

New card also nvidia?
Try to get nvidia driver removal tool and install newest driver, Otherwise roll back to previsious version or roll windows back to recover point.

Well , you need to stop using your device , to avoid the data has been covered

I think you took all necessary, just to be sure:

  • 1070, after a while, crashes.
  • You removed 1070 and replaced old card> black screen
  • You removed 1070 and went with onboard > Windows desktop

Seems like the Mobo is busted, maybe indeed a burnt through PCI slot. One thing you might wanna check though is the power supply, as an extra thought, though I am not really positive about that… Again, I think indeed Mobo… :frowning: