Guardian Angel

Here’s an old song of mine I just re recorded the other day. It’s bare bones with just piano and vocal but I was trying to capture the essence of the song.


That’s nice, dman.
Is it your intention to keep it a stripped down arrangement like this? If so, to add a bit of
dynamics to it you might consider doing things to add power to it as the song develops,
such as going an octave lower with your left hand to add some depth to the sound, hitting
the keys a little harder in a few choice spots later in the song - maybe putting more emotion
in your vocal as the song builds- let it all peak at some point, then bring it down soft again at the end.

Just a thought. It’s a nice tune, but doesn’t seem to go anywhere. You might also consider bringing
in a violin track or string section during the second verse.

But that’s just me, really. I’m a fan of layering - but even a stripped down arrangement could use a little
something to bring it to the next level, IMO.


Thanks Lenny.

I’m not sure where I’m going with it. I actually have an old version with violin, drums, slide guitar etc. and twin sisters singing it but it too dated sounding now and I never had a bridge in it which always bugged me. With this song I’m more interested in getting it published and not sure I want to vest the time into doing a full blown arrangement but you know how that can change. lol