"GUI active" status on inserts

Well, maybe there is already an answer.

What me really annoys is that I can not see WHICH plugin GUI is active by just viewing the mixer… In older versions there always was that “e” button which was illuminated when the GUI was open.

Now I can not see a difference - I can set up EVERYTHING and much more in the prefs regardings colors (90% of these options are just without any use) but not this very important thing.

It is difficult when you have the same plugins on a lot of channels… Channel Strips on vocals… Dynamics on Toms… I usually have to close / reopen random plugins to understand which GUI I have in front of me… Ok, there is always some text in the top-bar of the plugin GUI - but reading that and thinking about it is NOT intuitive.

I experience the same thing. The old “e” button was very useful and I find myself opening and closing plugins to find the one I want instead of going right to it.


So there is NO option for showing the GUI status in the mixer? Really?

Oh that is sad. Then this needs to be adressed. It should not be that complicated. Just another color for “Plugin GUI open” insert…

No one else bugging this?

Since I am doing mix and mastering since a couple of weeks this irritates me quite a lot.

Is it not possible to set up a different color for “plugin GUI active”? I can basically set up colors for EVERYTHING else… prefader/postfader ist of course a must have - just an additional color for “insert GUI active” …?

I am bugged by so much in the new Mix Console and Control Room that I have given up (for now).

Not only the “GUI active”, but also Bypasss status etc are bugging people over at the Cubase side.

Here is my answer in a thread simular to this:

Well… what to say… of course there are a lot of more things in the Mixing Console which making work quite nasty. But this one seems to bug me the most - and in the same time this should be possible to modify easily.

But I checked the new Cubase and there it is still the same - I had the hope that this was fixed…

If you close the racks section of the mix console,
there is no way to tell which channels have plugins loaded at all.

Crucial workflow info lost.

Yea - because of that I never close that rack… closing it in a mix means closing the eyes while driving on a highway.
On the other hand side I can not see the sends all the time. Ok - in the older version I had to switch back and forth views as well… but mh… in the new Mixing Console I have to scroll with the mousewheel all the time and it can happen that you modify an send accidentally by doing that… and so on…

In a small project (Mastering etc) with 10 tracks I like the mixing console… But not on a 300+ track projekt.