[GUI & ARA2 Melodyne issue] Melodyne slow down specific Cuabse GUI operations

When we open audio event with melodyne (Ara2), and make some changes to it in melodyne, after that Cubase GUI start stutter if we change some parameters in audio event of that audio track, such as:
Fade in/out, Change event volume (by mouse or in info line), warp, resize, delete, cut… anything what cause changing Waveform.
And, what is more horrible VARIAUDIO start laggging as hell when moving blocks inside analysed track, and its doesn’t depend on specifit audio track with variaudio, all events with variaudio start freeze Cubase GUI

How to reproduce

  1. Open heavy project without Melodyne
  2. add audio track with alot of audio events, and open it with melodyne by ARA2 extension
  3. Compare changes (fades, volume, cut, variaudio) with audio track with melodyne (ara2) events, and without melodyne events


is it possible to get access to one of those projects? Please contact me : m.spork (at) steinberg.de

See you

It sounds like you are integrating Melodyne by way of ARA, then modifying the audio in Melodyne but then going back to the original track in Cubase and modifying the original audio. That original audio is the source and if you modify that after integrating it into Melodyne, Melodyne no longer has the original template to go by. What does Melodyne have to reference if you change the waveform of the original audio? That is of course if I understand your problem correctly.

I guess you missunderstood me.
I mean, if melodyne exist (by ara2) in Audio Track - Cubase GUI will stutter in some operations.
More tracks with melodyne events on at - more stutter GUI you will get when doing operations what i describe in 1st post

Is this with Melodyne 4 or 5?

AFAIK, 4 doesn’t have ara2

Ahhh, ok, I overlooked the ARA2 part. I only have Melodyne 4 so I can’t recreate and verify your situation.

I have the same problem with a track I am making. I got 10 rounds of vocals for the same song. which is about 3 minutes long. If you try and comp and Melodyne it, then the Cubase GUI will start to lag painfully.
It seems like it gets worse if you have multiple tracks with Melodyne on it, so I try to limit it to one track.

in fact, Melodyne 4 has ARA 2 (and in fact Cubase ever supported only ARA2, the first version of ARA was something that was used only by Cakewalk and Studio One).

but of course, 4 and 5 may behave differently.

I’m having this problem as well. I was hoping ARA would allow me to modify vocal comps more efficiently, but as soon as I add it to the track Cubase becomes unusably slow. Was hoping this would have been fixed in 11.

I’ve been using melodyne through ARA on Cubase to tune multiple sample loops and one shots for a loopmasters release. It doesn’t happen immediately but I do get a slow down after tuning multiple loops.

The way I’m getting over it is to render in place the samples and creating a new track version on the melodyned audio track - so i can go back and edit within melodyne if needs be.

I’m not using Melodyne, but have used Vocalign pro with ARA2 on Cubase Pro 10, 10.5 and 11. These issues are totally familiar to me. After doing a number of ARA edits, the Cubase GUI slows right down and becomes almost unusable. I have plenty of processing power and 64GB ram. I now use render-in-place as much as possible to help these issues.

I’m having the same issue with slowdowns after adding Melodyne via extension (ARA) to tracks with many events.

seems like in 11.0.30 some melodyne bugs are fixed

Not these bugs in the post

I am having the same problems with melodyne.

+1. ARA on Cubase 11 not working with Melodyne 4. With Revoice Pro 4 better but not ideal.

I’m having the same issues as described here.

Using Melodyne 5 with ARA, redraw on Cubase 11 Pro slows wayyyyy down.
I don’t have any redraw issues with Melodyne 5 if I use it as an insert.

Is this a graphics card issue? Reminds me of old issues I’ve had with framerates on games…

Lisa W.

i get this also from time to time, but not often

I am having the same problems, it makes Melodyne almost unusable in Cubase 11.

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