Gui bug - Rename, Save as

In Halion 6 when Renaming a program, or Saving As…, the slot doesn’t clear before pressing okay, which makes it impossible to tell if you are typing the name correctly. This only happens in the plug-in, not the Stand-alone version.

Mac Pro Mohave (10.14.6)
Cubase 10.5.30
Halion 6.4.20

Hi ulesto,
thank you for your exemplary bug report. Therefore no problem to reproduce it here. It’s now in our Defect-Tracking-System and listed as Bug-ID “ HALLY-8605”.
I hope we can provide a fix for it soon.

Thanks for your report and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Gerrit Junge

Hi Gerrit,

Thank you for addressing this issue. :smile:

Further exploration has revealed that it may be all data fields that have the issue of not clearing when entering new values. Hopefully they use a common code that will fix all at once? But just in case, here’s a couple of more examples.

Parameter1 Parameter2

All fixed in HALion Maintenance Update (6.4.30). Thanks!