gui bug with multi out vsti's still not fixed in 5.1.1

i just installed the 5.1.1 update and i was hoping that at least the simple gui problem that started with nuendo 5 would be fixed. but it isn’t! starting with nuendo 5 when you have a multi out vsti loaded in the instrument panel and you create a midi track for it you no longer actually can see which output (of the multi out vsti) that track is referring to. the output assignment is blacked out. it used to (and should) show which output is selected!! i thought it was strange that it never got caught in the initial beta cycle. but we’re now 2 updates into nuendo 5 and it’s still not fixed.

David, I don’t think it is a feature I ever used and I was trying to replicate it, but I am not sure…
Tried it on Cubase 5.5 vs. Cubase 4 as the computer with those are closer to me currently…
Just to be clear, we are speaking about the VST Instrument (F11) panel correct and not the instrument track type correct?

Also I assume you mean the vst outputs?
Maybe I am not understanding correctly, if my midi channel 1 assigned to say omniisphere and omnisphere is where I assign what output each of its eight channels are routed to, how would Nuendo know the routing I decided in Omnisphere or am I misssing something?


guess i didn’t explain too well. wish i knew how to insert an image into this forum post but i can’t seem to figure it out so i’ve posted a jpg of the channel. hopefully that’s clearer.

as you can see where it says “output” is just a black rectangle. that is supposed to show you the output assignment of that channel.

Ok will take a look at it… I just hit reply, and hit the tab at the bottom that said upload attachment, choose browse file. then Add file… added comments before I hit add file.

Is that how it is suppose to work?
I don’t see it in Nuendo 4, so I assume it is a new feature…
what it allows me to do is go to that blackened spot…choose an output and then from the row below put inserts etc in that choosen output… which may or may not have anything at all to do with the midi track they all are ‘on’…
For reasons mentioned before, I am not sure how a DAW would know would audio outputs you have assigned to which midi parts in a VSTI…
maybe I am missing something.

Never noticed it before, but wow, this will be of use to me…especially when you have several of the same instruments in your VSTI panel and you are trying to figure out which output goes with which instance, or you want to quickly access a vsti output…would be really curious if this is the incorrect usage… Of course what David is expecting it to do would be even be more useful…


no… it’s not a new feature. it’s been in there as far as i can remember. and has always worked perfectly… until nuendo 5. it still works exactly the same as it always has… only problem is you can’t see the output assignments until you click on the black rectangle.

ok got it now… hopefully the powers that be, will see this thread and fix it… They say the monitor the forums now…
verified…and yes the feature was there in 4… never noticed it existed there either…sorry.

here’s a comparison of what david’s describing:

n4 on the left, n5 on the right. once you see that the info was there in n4 it’s inexplicable why it was removed in n5.

the good news is that it works in c6 so there’s good reason to assume it’ll be solved in n5.5.

thanks guys! that is good news about it getting fixed in c6! i’m hoping we will get it in n5 in the next update.

max… how do you do you get those images in your forum post?.. very impressive!!

it’s dead easy.

take a screenshot (cmd sfht f3 or f4)
give the file a meaningful name and keep the suffix
upload the file to your ftp server/website/imageshack
add the url of the hosted image to your forum post
select that url and click on the img tag button just above where you enter the text
(this allows the screenshot to be displayed as an image rather than a url)
submit your post

it looks complicated but takes 2 minutes in practice.