GUI Color inconsistency

When my Preferences are set to “Operating System” WL8 indeed looks like a Mac app… well kinda. Mostly…

For some reason it appears that different parts of the GUI retain WL8 coloration, almost at random. For instance some divider bars are blue, others gray (see to the left of the upper left pane - that one’s blue, but the right edge of the same window is gray! Top of the edit pane blue, other 3 sides gray. But worst of all, the Master Section retains it’s phony brushed metal look and seems very out of place.

What gives? Why is it so hard to skin WL consistently? In many ways this is a step backwards - seems like you can’t customize the gui as much as in WL7. Is this a bug? Will it ever be fixed (by fixed I mean can I ever expect it to look like a typical mac app when I have Operating System palette selected in prefs)?

WaveLab 8ScreenSnapz001.jpg

The official skin, the one on which more time was spent on, is the WaveLab “skin”. The WaveLab “skin” has several advantages, like color tab hints. I agree the OS skin could be better, but it’s not the main priority. But I hope to make improvements anyway.

Thanks Philippe!