GUI full screen issue

When Cubase 8.0.10 is full screen some of the tracks in the track list get cut off on the bottom of the screen, and so does the vertical scroll bar. This causes an issue in this scenario: Lets say you have 40 tracks and zoom in so that track 36 is the last track visible, pressing the down arrow will select track #40 and show track #40 in the inspector, but the GUI does not redraw to make track 40 visible, tracks 36-40 will be off the screen. Same issue if you try to use the mouse wheel, the GUI does not change. This doesn’t appear to matter if cubase is full screen or not, since if i make the cubase window smaller, the same issue persists.

bump. can this be moved to issues if this is a confirmed bug?

bumpity bump

Bump. Regardless of how large or small you make the cubase window, GUI is not behaving correctly if you want to zoom in on a track beyond 250+ in the list. I even tried using a 2560 x 1600 resolution and the issue remains

To further summarize this issue, the scroll bar is being drawn off screen. Steps to recreate:

-Zoom in all the way vertically and horizontally
-click and drag the scroll bar to navigate downward.
-I make it to about track #234 before the scroll bar reaches the bottom of the screen
-Use the mouse scroll wheel to continue, and the scroll bar will be drawn off screen. I can only view tracks further than #234 if i use the mouse scroll wheel. Its as if cubase thinks my screen is a larger resolution than it is.

I’m unable reproduce here with around 300 tracks. What happens when you start Cubase in safe-start mode?

That solved it. so i guess i had corrupted preferences that was causing part of the cubase window to be cut off screen.

Glad that’s sorted. :slight_smile:

So this issue happened again, and it happened after I selected multiple tracks and this triggered a “A serious error has occurred” and a .dmp file was created.