GUI graphics bug

Hey there,

since Dorico 1.1, I encounter a strange graphics bug. After some time working in Dorico the screen output suddenly won’t “refresh” in real time any longer. This means, the whole GUI everything stops displaying recent activities unless I start scrolling on my track pad (on MacBook Pro late 2011, OS X El Capitan). This is pretty annoying because I can’t even see, what I just selected or entered until I scroll or zoom. Restarting the program will fix the issue. I hope, this bug will get resolved in the next minor update.


I’ve had this problem too. It got better (but didn’t go completely away) when I used the Mac FontBook to remove repeated fonts or fonts that have a warning or bug. I had the idea to do this because it was the solution to a larger problem with another audio software product. I hope that that helps. Since doing that, the behavior is better, but I do have to occasionally close and restart Dorico when it acts up.

It seems, the bug always occurs, when I start playback. Sometimes it returns to normal refresh, when I start playback again.
Thanks for the tip with Mac FontBook!

The problem where Dorico’s UI stops updating sometimes during playback on Mac is certainly a problem that we are aware of, but so far it has proved difficult to track down and therefore fix. But I’m sure we will get to the bottom of it in the end. For now, you may find that waggling the mouse pointer over the screen gets things moving again, or failing that, switch to a different mode (e.g. Write to Engrave and back again).

Just to confirm that this bug is still version at the moment. Has there been any success in finding the cause? For the minute I find switching between windows to be the most reliable solution and while it only takes a few seconds it does get a little grating.
That being said Dorico has come on in leaps and bounds since I was last on these forums! Sibelius is dead to me at this point :wink:

Yes, this bug has been fixed for the next update.

:smiley: Awesome! I wait with bated breath!

It is very refreshing to see someone spell bated correctly in that expression.
(The olfactory imagery alone of the misspelled version makes me cringe.)