GUI in fact laggier on C8 compared to C7

see the video.

(note: the video capturing process itself may be taxing the CPU, but the behaviour is exactly the same as on the video when screen capturing is not taking place.)
(download for better quality compared to streaming from a browser.)

For me, the GUI has been very laggy too. Instantly noticeable. Looks like when frames start getting dropped in a video game.

Is this the price of ASIO Guard 2?

For me, navigating in C8’s GUI doesn’t feel snappier than C7 at all.

Another example:

Audiowarp a complete track of about 3.30 min length and open that in Sample Editor.
Now zoom in and out ; the GUI lag is (still) horrible.

I am on OSX 10.9.5 , C8, ,macbook 2011, SSD, 8 gig ram.

Same here. Empty projects seem snappier, large projects are awful.

Yup. I’m seeing it especially with meters like the BX Meters. It tends to get worse over time, too.

It’s often why I reboot.

so can this be moved to the issues section? it’s a vague description, yet a slightly annoying issue, and doesn’t seem to be an isolated case given the responses here. i don’t know how to explain the problem better, there no are steps required to ‘reproduce’ per se…

Switching between screen sets is very slow on my 2010 3.33 mac pro. 'takes like a second or 2 to switch…too long in the heat of the moment.

Interesting, this is how it has been on my Mac Pro 2010 all the time, so no wonder I´ve not noticed any difference in the event-dragging operations. Dragging events with waveforms in them have have sometimes well…been a drag… :unamused:

Maybe this is a new way of meeting the old “PC is much snappier then OS X” debate…Instead of increasing OS X GUI performance, they decrease the PC GUI performance…sorted!

Same problem for me, very laggy gui. When aero is of it is slightly better but still very laggy graphical performance.
C7 is a lot more snappy.

that is platform socialism for ya.

Ok, another example of C8 gui slugishness I found is when horizontally zooming in and out while the project is playing. The project cursor will, while resizing takes place, momentarily show up a couple bars away from its intended position, then return to where it belongs (a matter of dozens of ms, an issue nontheless). C7 did not exhibit this issue.

bump for tips / suggestions / explanations.

yes we want snapiness ! :smiley:

Yes… This is what I am seeing. I am driving a very large multi monitor setup with a 4k TV at 3840 x 2160. I have a QuickTime running inside Cubase as well. I see cubase’s counter occasionally drop frames as well as the QuickTime. The worse part is the cursor stutters a bit. I spent half the day trouble shooting trying different video cards and drivers and then finally opened the same sequence in 7.53 and it was smooth as can be.

Cubase 8 is running incredibly zippy for me in my giant 2000+ track template but the graphics are taxing the computer for sure compared to 7.53.

Words I never thought I’d agree with

It’s pretty bad, as depicted in OPs video. Vertical rezooming also got more sluggish. The whole experience is a lot choppier than 7.5

It’s these sort of quality-of-life DAW issues that are most important to me. I’m not sure how much of the user base this issue actually affects. Those of us w/ “orchestral” templates, whose track counts are in the hundreds (thousands in my case), definitely suffer because the more [visible] tracks you have, the more sluggish the GUI gets (esp. vertical zooming).

I’m aware that it’s likely unrealistic to expect that the GUI-response could remain unaffected by the track count, however, it seems that a topic like this is very low-priority for DAW developers, especially SB. I eagerly await the day when I can see something like “Performance - GUI optimized on W7/OSX, functions smoother” in a change log

Until then, I’m happily producing on 7.5. Man I missed those small fonts :sunglasses:

Just a shot. I was having this trouble when I first installed Cubase 8. I finally tracked it down to the fact that mediabay had reset itself to scanning my entire C: drive and my F: drive (where I have “My Documents”) and for some reason it would never finish.

I finally reset it to the one folder I had in 7, and performance (including laggy gui) were instantly better. Though I still think 8 needs better gpu to behave as smoothly as 7. I do video editng, so I have a pretty high end card.

Maybe this will help someone.

reported some of this to the Issues:

On my system using an average amount of tracks for a pop song I’m finding the big stand out feature of C8 over C7.5 is the fact the GUI is way way snappier - like lightening fast!

I’m on a pro built PC workstation for audio.

Maybe if I ran very large projects then I would get this issue?

8.0.5 gathering dust over here. Has anyone fixed this issue?

not that i know of. it’s not been officially confirmed either (please correct me if i’m wrong). dtto about c8 for these reasons; i haven’t run it in over 2 months.