GUI in fact laggier on C8 compared to C7

A huge +1 for this problem. One of the biggest parts I notice is just scrolling through the mixer window…so much laggier than C6. I am on win 7 with a very fast PC and this is just unacceptable. Working with a few tracks probably wouldn’t show this problem (cause you aren’t even scrolling in the mix window!) but when working with big projects ANY amount of speed loss from past versions is just a deal breaker. Get it together Steinberg. Needs to be fixed in the next update

Could someone who works at Steinberg please address this issue: ?

This issue is only relevant for projects that have high track counts. In a session with <50 tracks, you wouldn’t encounter any choppiness at all.

High-track count performance seems to be degrading as SB is releasing new versions and adding other features.

I wish they would acknowledge this issue. Even if it is to just say “There’s nothing we can do about it”

the frustrating part is when you hear about an issue like the one where mixconsole blinks white before it actually comes up, that it is how it’s designed.

yes, if you’re just a programmer ticking boxes, you could say that - but it just shows noone in-house is really using the software you’re making. if that were the case, glitches like these would not pass as something that’s not too important and may or may not be dealt with at a later time.

to be sure, one can still make music with it, but hopefully you are aware you’re making your software the opposite of ‘pro’ (sic).

any official word on this?

How can you run C8 without Aero theme? I thought it absolutely had to be on. Thanks

terrible here on a project using 50% cpu…2.75 ram available from 8ram…Audio set to 256. almost unusable…copy and paste creates beach balls. …mixer sluggish. terrible

I rebuilt the exact same project in Logic X using the same 3rd party plugs…same vsts and audio tracks. No lag at all. Not happy.

Still very laggy here as well (under Windows 7). This is instantly noticable when for example resizing a part. It feels like the whole GUI has a bit of latency. This is not at all the case with earlier versions. Is anyone using a large screen with a resolution of 2560 or more, like I am?

Same problem!!

I was about to buy a new video card thinking its
That! Thank you!

My friend also on a Mac retina 2013 15" is having the same problem.

I’m also having it on my MacBook retina, as well as my main Mac pro rig.

I don’t bave 50 tracks maybe 30.

I still noticing when opening the midi window cpu or gpu spikes.

so it appears to be platform-independent. that’s better i guess, as steinberg should not be able to blame an OS or its settings.

GUI snappiness now please!

Its in the top of my wish list, before anything else really.

Nothing is more off-putting then the feeling of operating in mud when doing stuff, I think that zippiness is not on the main list of things that the developer thinks is necessary, but believe me it is.

yes please.

could any of the early 8.5 adopters comment on whether steinberg have fixed the program?

I dont see any difference between 8 and 8.5 unfortunatelly.


ok, thank you.

slow/laggy reactions while drawing CC1, CC11 etc under notes on midi page didn’t change with 8.5!

When I draw lines for expression and modulation, or edit a lenght of midi note, movement of mouse and drawings are getting a little bit heavier (slower).

This is happening to me since Cubase 8 Pro and not fixed in 8.5 (Cubase 7 and previous versions were fine).

Any solutions?? It is really annoying…

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit / intel i7 / AMD Radeon HD 7970 / latest BIOS & drivers

For me the situation actually seems worse in 8.5.0 than before. On 8.0.30 the lag was definitely noticeable, but now on 8.5.0 when drawing CC lines there’s sometimes a delay of about 300ms until anything appears. Sometimes it’s faster, but never is it faster than 8.0.30, and absolutely never is it even nearly as fast as 8.0.20.

8.5.0 is completely unusable for me. Really unfortunate. Staying on 8.0.20 for now.

Same here 8.0.20 is the last usable version. At least Retrologue 2 works in previous version.

This is not a very promising startfor 8.5, and it will again take a few months before we se a fix patch (counting the fact that a fix for this issue will be included) :angry:

that’s a bit of a shame, really.

i am ready to throw in the money, but not on something i now know i wouldn’t use, quite like the c8 that has been gathering dust over here.

How can they NOT have fixed the lagginess in the new release?! It’s a fundamental thing in any software, and it has been acknowledged as an issue since the start. sigh

I’m certainly not gonna spend the money on 8.5 until it gets fixed

Do Steinberg admins see and share these our posts about this issue with Cubase programmers?