GUI Inconsistency - Login vs Network Login, "Name" vs. "Key"

I tested VST Connect SE today in Cubase 10 Pro, with a friend running the latest VST Connect Performer.

In addition to the “ID” button disappearing and the blank window upon launch (both of which are known issues discussed in other threads), I found this:

In VST Connect Pro, the section for logging in is labeled “Network.” In VST Connect Performer, it’s called “Network Login.” They should have the same name.

After I log in via the ID method, the “Name” field displays the number which the performer enters in a field labeled “Key”. The fields should have the same name.

I don’t know what the Performer sees after logging in (name, key, both, or neither), but this section of the window should be identical in both apps, unless there’s some feature difference I’m not aware of.

This is awful GUI design. Please fix it.